October 1, 2015

About Us

RefinePro is committed to open source principles – transparency, inclusiveness, collaboration. We believe that open source is the right way to make better software and communities.

In 2011, Martin Magdinier, RefinePro founder, started to blog tips and tutorials about OpenRefine in order to help other business users get the most out of this open source tool. In 2012, when Google released the software to the community, Martin helped to structure the new organization. In 2014, Martin launched RefinePro to provide support and hosting services based on OpenRefine.

Today, the RefinePro team is a core contributor to the OpenRefine project. Our engineering team helps to maintain the OpenRefine core by contributing bug fixes, patches, and by reviewing other contributors pull requests. The RefinePro team responds regularly to users on the OpenRefine support discussion list.  And as part of our ongoing efforts to democratize OpenRefine usage, we’ve also started to make free training resources available via online courses.