March 1, 2016

Data Migration

The RefinePro Data Migration Team keeps your project on track and schedule

Don’t let your projects run late and over budget because of legacy data nightmares.

When deploying a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Content Management System (CMS) platform, you need to migrate data from your current system. This can be a daunting process where any errors can corrupt data and set your project off track.

What We Do


Data Migration

We join you early in the process, assess the effort related to the migration, and advise on the best strategy and any potential roadblocks – we’ll get rid of any surprises in the work plan.

We perform end to end data migration from extraction from the legacy system to field mapping and loading the data in your staging and production environments.


Data Cleaning & Enrichment

Data Migration is often an opportunity to improve the quality of your data. We can help you to:

  • Remove and merge duplicate entries ;
  • Clean and validate records (address, email) ;
  • Augment and enrich data (address geocoding, social media profile linking …) ;
  • Enforce data integrity and format.

Increase data reliability and shorten project timelines


On Schedule & Budget

Data migration is often dealt with in the last leg of the project, when most of the buffer budget has already been used.
We streamline the data migration process and take the pressure off so you can focus on your core business.


Stress Free

Migrating data in a short period of time without the proper tools or training is a stressful experience and is prone to data corruption.

You can rely on our expertise to move the data in a safe, secure, and timely fashion.


Get off to the right start

Get off to the right start on your new platform with clean and accurate data.

Speed up the adoption rate by using actual data instead of dummy records during training.