September 29, 2015


OpenRefine is a powerful point and click web interface for data normalization and preparation. RefinePro offers a hosting option to add extra computing power, collaboration, and batch scheduling. We can help you to integrate OpenRefine in your data flow.

OpenRefine Hosting      OpenRefine Integration

Both OpenRefine and RefinePro platforms include easy to use functionality for:

Extensive Input & Output Support

Start your project from Excel, CSV, JSON, XLM or any text-based file, with any encoding. Once your project is completed, Refine lets you customize your file export, encoding, and line breaks — or create hierarcical RDF, JSON or XML templates.

Cluster & Deduplication

Identify and remove duplicates in a breeze thanks to a set of powerful auto-suggestion algorithms. Refine’s embedded search and replace function streamlines data normalization.

Filter & Sort

Drill down through large data sets and see your data from a new perspective. Use Refine to build custom facets to list all values in a field, create numeric and timeline facets, or filter blank rows or duplicates with a single click.


Join, Merge & Reconcile

Join and merge different data sets to build new views and insights. Create lookups and reconcile against master data sources. Easily concatenate multiple fields together.


Split a field into multiple columns based on any character(s). Create new rows from multi-value cells.

Undo / Redo

Do your data cleaning in a safe environment where you can undo any changes. Review and audit your transformation history. Once your project is completed you can save your steps to reapply them next time.




Pivot columns into rows or transpose rows into columns with just a few clicks.

Custom Query Language

The General Refine Query Language (GREL) is flexible, powerful, and yet simple enough to create custom filters and transformation expressions. Preview your changes in real time before committing your changes.

Fetch Web Pages & work with APIs

Call web services and fetch web pages from within Refine. Extend your dataset with your favorite API or machine intelligence services with limited coding knowledge.