2015-03-03: RefinePro Announces Public Beta of Cloud-based Data Preparation Service

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Toronto, ON, Canada

RefinePro Data Cleaning & Preparation SaaS Platform Releases Public Beta March 7, 2015

RefinePro, the cloud-based platform that simplifies the data cleaning and preparation process, is pleased to announce the opening of its Public Beta, beginning March 7, 2015.

RefinePro makes your data accessible to the right people in your organization: the decision-makers, domain experts, and even your front-line staff. Whether they work in marketing, administration, or accounting, they can clean and transform their data directly, without having to wait for IT or data analysts to do it for them — a traditional business bottleneck.

The past few years have seen a proliferation in the amount of data available to companies — but not necessarily to the individuals who need it most within those organizations. At the same time, more and more tools and APIs have been developed to enable sharing and enhancing data, but again, these require considerable technical prowess to use.

RefinePro fills that gap by offering a simple, spreadsheet-like, point and click interface with the power of GREL — an easy-to-learn scripting language that lets non-technical users make quick and global changes to their data. Need to clean a customer list or prepare a report based on information from multiple systems? With RefinePro your team can clean and enhance the data set directly.

In Private Beta since November of 2014, the development team has made many changes to the technology at the suggestion of the early users, including adding the ability to share your data projects with other users (with locking so that no conflicts arise). Come experience a free month of service and give feedback to help make it even better.

Say goodbye to file-size limitations of Excel and waiting for technical help to access the data needed to complete projects. Visit www.RefinePro.com and sign up for the Public Beta starting March 7, 2015.

About RefinePro:
RefinePro is an enterprise-grade solution that expands the functionality of the open source project OpenRefine by making it available in SaaS model, with multi-tiered support. OpenRefine is a free, open source tool for working with messy data, created in 2010 and downloaded over a thousand times per week. RefinePro was founded in 2014.

Martin Magdinier, Founder RefinePro
Phone: 416-817-3197