Leverage Third Party Data

RefinePro helps your organizations to acquire and combine external data and build a unique vantage point to your industry or market. We help businesses to collect and process data from public and proprietary sources including open data set from local and national governments, subscription-based data feed or public website. Our experts will help you to ask the right questions when selecting a new data source and ensure you can build value from it.

Harvest Any Data


We will help you to select the right data sources and define the proper architecture to secure third-party data.

RefinePro selected software, developed architecture and custom code to automate the ingestion of a vast number of external sources. We can collect any data including:

  • Web scraping and extraction

  • PDF conversion

  • XLS, CSV, XML aggregation

  • API integration


Monitor hundreds of data feed.


RefinePro’s building blocks and design patterns get your project quickly off the ground.

Our modular platform is flexible to support the variety and the ever-changing format of data sources. We control long-term operating cost as each component is optimized to lower the maintenance overhead.

We always make sure that we unlock most of the benefit for your organization and customers early. We follow a lean strategy to deliver the critical pieces and improve our process based on your feedback.

RefinePro’s Platform


RefinePro’s building blocks include:

  • Data Collection from API, web scraping or PDF extraction;

  • Data Cleansing and normalization;

  • Data Enrichment and augmentation;

  • Duplicate Catching and merging;

  • Data Quality enforcement;

  • Crowdsourcing and manual processing;

  • Scheduling and Monitoring of data processing jobs.