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Hiring a virtual assistant

Martin Magdinier  |  07 May 2021

About the Job

  • Start date: May 2021
  • Job Type: Part time - 1d/week
  • Job Location: USA, Canada, Latin America
  • Experience: Intermediate
  • Role: Virtual Assistant / Administrative support (French / English)
  • Industry: Consulting - Data services
  • Company size: 5-15 employees
  • Company type: Self-funded

The mission

As a virtual administrative assistant, you will be supporting our team and client in our day-to-day operations.

Social Media and Newsletter Update

  • Monitor social media
  • Select and identify relevant contents
  • Prepare our monthly blog post and newsletter

Invoicing and Month End Budget

  • Consolidate timecards for the team from different systems per project
  • Prepare month-end budget
  • Prepare the invoice in QuickBooks Online

Other Administrative Tasks

  • Email and phone follow-up with our clients and partners.
  • Review sales inbound requests and help in meeting follow-up.
  • Update our CRM
  • Help with copy editing for sales proposal
  • Working with the team to ensure that files, processes, software, and projects are organized.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Who are you?

Detail Oriented: You make lists and process and stick to them. You like when things are in the right places.

Driven by service to others: You use your knowledge to help others.

Takes initiative: Not only do you work on assigned projects, but you also keep your eyes open and seek how you can help the team move forward.

Comfortable with tech: You are already comfortable with some of the tech we use; you are not afraid to try new digital tools (we will help you learn them).

Trusted with integrity: You’ll be handling critical processes for our company, and you understand the responsibilities.


Fluent in English: You are good with grammar and syntax as we conduct business in English.

Professional level in French (Optional) helps communicate with our partners and clients.


You have experience with the following software and tools

  • Google Drive and Google Doc
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • YouTube
  • SmarterQueue (optional)
  • Shutterstock for simple photo editing
  • Blogger or another blogging platform
  • Send In Blue or another email marketing platform
  • Suite-CRM or another CRM system
  • Redmine (optional)

Who are we?

Since 2014, we make access to data within everyone’s reach for a variety of industries from online retailers, manufacturing, museums, news organizations, or insurance companies. We do so by developing data processing products, supporting OpenRefine (an open-source tool for data cleansing), and providing our customers with managed services to build, monitor, and maintain their data pipelines. We focus on data engineering and operational excellence so our customers can build new insights, products, or services on reliable data.

We are a remote-first company with team members across multiple time zones. It is important to organize work asynchronously. To make this work, we plan our work ahead of time, and we assume that people are not available to jump from fire to fire.

Our Values

  • We take ownership of our work
  • We are loyal to clients, partners, and employees
  • We are candid; In the face of ambiguity, we refuse the temptation to guess.
  • We are practical and result-oriented; Practicality beats purity; Simple is better than complex; Complex is better than complicated.

What we offer

  • A company with a remote mindset, with tools and experience working remotely first since 2014.
  • Ability to learn and grow with us
  • Competitive salaries based on experience.

What is our recruitment process

  1. Submit your resume and cover letter to career@refinepro.com
  2. We will schedule a 30 minutes introduction meeting.
  3. Positive meeting? Great! Then you will have a technical test.
  4. If the test went well, you will meet us again for a final interview
  5. All of those three steps went well? Brilliant!, then you have to accept our proposal and start ramping up in our projects.



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