Based on its deep understanding of data management, RefinePro has formulated three products beneficial to multiple industries

  • Team Augmentation

    For consultants and SMEs seeking to access data extraction, cleaning or migration skill sets.

  • Platform

    For data scientists and engineers looking to access an infrastructure enabling scripts configuration, execution and monitoring.

  • Team + Platform

    For companies looking to transform a strategic vision into a streamlined and automated process.



Access experts to answer cross-functional data-driven needs, enabling the design, the implementation and the operation of your data pipelines


With flexible technologies, RefinePro is able to adapt its services to an ever-changing data ecosystem and to lower your maintenance costs

  • Content Grabber
  • DocParser
  • Visual Web Ripper
  • Parsehub
  • OpenRefine
  • Talend
  • Python
  • Java
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