System Design & Architecture

Build the best data pipeline architecture and improve your flow

RefinePro assists organizations in the planning and the design of their data project. RefinePro’s experts define the optimal data flow between existing systems and recommend improvements to break down data silos. They review the granularity of the information, the appropriate update frequency, the location master data and how other systems refer to it.

RefinePro’s architecture services cover the entire data lifecycle from its capture, processing, storage, and consumption. With RefinePro’s support, organization improve their data quality and ensure new systems integrate with their current data ecosystem.


System Architecture

RefinePro guides organizations to design their data operations. RefinePro's expertise ranges from cloud solution architecture, databases design and selection of the right data extraction and processing software.

Master Data Management

RefinePro help organization to define and maintain a single version of its mission-critical data. Leverage RefinePro's expertise in data quality and cleaning, to build a reference dataset to support day to day operations.

Data Mapping

Refine data analysts model the optimal data flow between applications. They resolve data mismatch between systems and specify solutions to separate coalesced information like full name or addresses.

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