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Turn the web into a database with the best web scraping services

The Internet is the most extensive database available. Unfortunately, the information is not well structured and easy to analyze. RefinePro provides reliable access to data available on any website. RefinePro can help you build a comprehensive solution for:

  • Real Estate

    Aggregate data from multiple sources to find new opportunities across markets.
  • Retail and e-commerce

    Track competition inventory, prices, and presence across marketplaces.
  • Distribution

    Monitor distribution networks and enforce the minimum advertised price (MAP).
  • Legal

    Detect counterfeit product and IP infringement — monitor change in legislation.
  • Back office automation

    Automate tedious manual process link filling online form, monitor and aggregate content.
  • HR and Compliance

    Streamline background check and validate individual or company credential against authoritative sources.
  • Finance

    Enhance investment strategies with unique insights derived from alternative data
  • Online Monitoring

    Monitor online presence including social media, blog posts, and news articles.
  • Data Extraction

    Access information from job boards, restaurant location, or corporate contact details.

RefinePro Expertise

Over the years, RefinePro developed a comprehensive approach to automate website data extraction. RefinePro leverages existing software and third-party partners to lower the scrapers development and maintenance cost. With this strategy, RefinePro has access to the latest technology and can extract data from any websites including:

  • Managing website authentification
  • Filling interactive forms and complex search pages
  • Navigating highly dynamic sites using AJAX
  • Bypassing robot protection including captcha and IP ban
  • Administering and scaling web scraping infrastructure.

To ensure access to the actionable data, clients can combine RefinePro’s web scraping expertise with data normalization and integration services. RefinePro can serve its clients from its hosted platform or by deploying custom web scraping infrastructure on the customer’s premises.

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