Who we are

Turn data into competitive advantage

Since 2014, we have been designing, developing and monitoring data pipelines. By partnering with us, customers improve their operation by:

Saving time by automating existing processes
Gaining access to data locked outside their organization
Leveraging data to build new vantage points on their industry

Leadership team

With offices in Montréal and Toronto, RefinePro relies on the knowledge of 12 highly specialized experts and the support of affiliates distributed across five continents.

Martin Magdinier


Martin is the founder and CEO of RefinePro a Canadian company focused on data processing and normalization. Through his assignments, he designed and led teams to develop and maintain hundreds of data transformation jobs. Passionate about open source, Martin is a core contributor to the OpenRefine project.

Joel Alleyne


Joel Alleyne has been working in the field of Management Consulting for the last twenty eight years. As a consultant, researcher, entrepreneur and manager, Alleyne has worked with many organizations in both the public and private sectors across the Americas and in Europe.

Florian Giroud


Florian Giroud is RefinePro technical leads. He brings experience designing and building data processing and web applications with clean, tested and documented code.

Our Principles

Your Data,
Your Process,
Your Product.
We build and delivers on our customers’ infrastructure.
Customers have access to the code.
Customers own both scripts and data intellectual properties.

No Silver Bullet.
The business determines the process.
We select the most appropriate tool for the task to be done.
We design flexible solutions adapting to customers’ evolving needs.

Keep Things Simple.
We do not write code for code sake.
We stop at the right level of data quality.
We empower process owner to administrate the solution.