Team Augmentation & Managed Services

For on-demand experts on data extraction, cleaning, or migration

Value Proposal

Access on-demand experts to answer cross-functional data-driven needs, enabling the design, the implementation and the operation of your data pipelines.


Information Gathering By sharing examples of the data to extract (ie. website URLs, PDF samples, database description), we would be in a better position to seize the depth of your project. We may ask additional questions such as update frequency, data volume and budget.
Quote Based on our assessment, we provide a detailed quote with the project scope for your review.

We design and/or build the project based on your requirements. We work with you to ensure we meet your data quality expectation. Based on your feedback, we adjust the cleaning rules and delivery format. Several iterations might be required to cover all edge cases.
Delivery We deliver the data directly to your system or using our proprietary API.
Monitoring Additionally, we can provide you with data quality monitoring and perform scripts’ maintenance


  • Trust Your Data

    By following best practices to process data in a safe, secure and timely fashion, RefinePro avoids errors and data corruption.
  • On Schedule & Budget

    Extracting and migrating data without the proper tools or training can be a frustrating and stressful experience. RefinePro takes the pressure off your team so they can focus on your core business.
  • Tailor Made Support

    RefinePro has a strong track of record working in partnership with solution experts and consulting companies. RefinePro adapts to the level of involvement you need.


With flexible technologies, RefinePro is able to adapt its services to an ever-changing data ecosystem and to lower your maintenance costs

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