Data Migration & Integration

Streamline data integration between platform and ETL projects.

Data migration and integration refers to the operations of moving data between systems. Those projects are often referred to as Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) process. Data are retrieved from the original database, normalized to match the new system format and loaded in the target system.

RefinePro relies on Talend Open Studio which supports hundreds of databases and data model from cloud-based software. Talend provides a secure and flexible environment for data extraction and loading.

Data Migration Process

When deploying a new program, organizations need to migrate data from their legacy system to keep their historical information. Such migration is a daunting process where any errors can corrupt data, set the project off track and disrupt day-to-day operations.

Discovery RefinePro analysts review the legacy system and perform a gap analysis with the new data model. They map each data point and identify the required transformation steps.
Normalization Based on the discovery results, developers write the script to normalize the data. It is the opportunity to clean and remove duplicate records. The additional effort ensure the new system go live with reliable data.
Test Analysts import the data in a sandbox or test environment to review the system configuration and data mapping.
Final Import RefinePro analysts perform the final export from the current system, apply the normalization script and load the data into the new application. They ensure that the latest updates in the legacy system are captured and processed.

Data Integration Process

With the multiplication of cloud-based products and internal application, organizations must ensure that programs speak to each other. They must define and implement the data flow connecting their systems, so data remains current across the organization.

Strategy RefinePro data architect map how data move across the organization. To determine the integration strategy, they review the granularity of the information, the update frequency, the location master data and how other systems refer to it.
Implementation When available, RefinePro developers leverage API to implement real-time integration between application. Otherwise, a custom script extracts and process the latest changes from the source database.
Data Validation RefinePro recommends to include validation scripts to ensures data quality over time. The control step rejects low-quality data to prevent them from corrupting downstream systems.
Deployment RefinePro can schedule scripts on its platform which provide monitoring and administration capabilities. RefinePro’s managed services monitors alerts and update the integration script accordingly.

Data Migration and Integration Toolbox

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