A platform that enables scripts configuration, execution, and monitoring

RefinePro Platform

RefinePro is developing a customizable administration center to help data science and engineering team schedule, configure and monitor data processing jobs written in any language. RefinePro Platform is designed to scale and to adapt to different business workflows. Each component is optimized to lower maintenance overhead, to keep operating costs under control.

Today, teams managing tens to hundreds of jobs use RefinePro Platform to:

Manage Scripts Remotely run, save, share and schedule scripts from a self-service interface
Boost Productivity & Quality Formalize development best practices and automate deployment across teams and projects
Scale Scale execution server to grant jobs extra compute power
Secure Improve security by limiting access to environments, servers, and scripts
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Supported Technology

RefinePro platform currently support the following technology. RefinePro’s Platform can be customized to support other ETL and web scraping tools.

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