PDF Extraction

Extract data from images or text in PDF documents

RefinePro automates manual workflow to retrieve information from PDF, Word or Excel documents. With RefinePro support, clients define rules to extract text and image once. RefinePro schedules the script to process new files. Notifications are trigger when the file format change.

Access any data locked inside any documents, including:

  • Supplier Product List

  • Invoices and Orders Forms

  • Application Documents

  • Account Statements

  • Contracts and Agreements

  • Fillable Forms

RefinePro Expertise

RefinePro has experience deploying project processing large volumes of PDF files with hundreds of pages each. When possible, RefinePro partners with DocParser. DocParser is a powerful web platform enabling nontechnical users to configure and monitor their PDF extraction projects. RefinePro leverages DocParser API to provide additional data cleaning, validation, and enrichment services.

In the case, DocParser cannot process the file format, or if the data cannot leave the organization, RefinePro writes custom scripts and deploy them on the clients’ on-premise.

PDF Extraction Toolbox

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