For data scientists and engineers looking to access an infrastructure enabling scripts configuration, execution, and monitoring.

RefinePro Platform

RefinePro is developing a customizable administration center to help data science and engineering team schedule, configure and monitor data processing jobs written in any language. RefinePro leverages open source and proprietary modules to tailor each deployment based on the client’s requirements.


RefinePro’s Platform is an enterprise-grade administration center for a fraction of the cost of competitive solutions. RefinePro Platform is designed to scale and to adapt to different business workflow. As each component is optimized to lower maintenance overhead, organizations keep operating costs under control.

  • Lower License Cost

    RefinePro non-opinionated approach supports scripts in any languages on any server. No need to purchase and train the team on yet another administration tool.
  • Increase Productivity

    Automate development life-cycles and recurring administration tasks. Reduce reliance on key individuals. Access server across on-premise or cloud infrastructure in a single interface.
  • Boost Code & Data Quality

    Formalize processes and enforce development best practices across teams and projects. Improve security by limiting access to environments, servers, and scripts.

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Support the full lifecycle

RefinePro’s Platform supports the complete development lifecycle.

DevOps and System Administrators

DevOps and system administrators configure environments and deployment workflow. They control user permission per job, server and environment.

DevOps infographic

Developer, Data Scientist and Engineers

Developers, data scientists, and engineers deploy, execute and monitors data processing scripts in a secure and self-service environment. They can delegate the monitoring and configuration task to more junior team members or business owner. The Platform offers customized reports and advanced alerts systems.

Developer and Data Engineers infographic

Supported Technology

For each technology, RefinePro provides a preconfigured server to execute jobs

  • Content Grabber
  • DocParser
  • Visual Web Ripper
  • Parsehub
  • OpenRefine
  • Talend
  • Python
  • Java
  • Alteryx
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