RefinePro ViewPoint Platform

Job Management Features

  • Job Scheduling

    Schedule job execution in a user-friendly interface or using cron expression. Trigger a job any time via the API or the web interface.

  • Runtime and System Parameters

    Set up default runtime and environment parameters per job. Define who can view and update inputs parameters when starting a job.

  • Real-Time Jobs Monitoring

    Monitor job execution in real time in the web interface. Access runs history with their parameters and detailed logs for audit purpose.

  • Environment Management

    Configure multiple environments and execution servers (physical or virtual instance). Restrict access to environments based on user permission. RefinePro Platform supports both Linux and Windows.

  • Job Deployment

    Deploy script update by connecting to your code repository. Enable continuous integration by deploying the latest version of a job automatically

  • Non-Opinionated

    RefinePro Platform supports scripts developed in any technologies, including Talend Open Studio, Alteryx, OpenRefine, Visual Web Ripper, Content Grabber. Python, Java.

Administration Features

  • Multi-User

    Bring your full team onboard in a centralized administration center for data pipelines. Data scientists, engineers, developers, system administrators, business analyst, project manager, have access to the same information in real time.

  • Secure

    Control permission using advanced role-based access control with customizable groups. Manage access per job, server, and environment. Allow users to run jobs without sharing sensitive credentials. Logs and jobs output are purged from sensitive data

  • Reporting

    Prepare custom reports for each audience based on live and historical job information including job status, input parameters, and output logs. Access reports via the web interface or API.

  • Track SLA and KPI

    Configure and monitor your Service Level Agreement (SLA) and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) to monitor your data pipelines. Receive alerts when a script is behind schedule or has poor performances.

  • Alerts

    Receive alerts by email or slack notification on job success, failure, or based on custom indicators.

  • API Access

    All RefinePro Platform functionalities are available in a documented API.

  • Deployment

    RefinePro Platform is available on in multi-tenant, private cloud or on-premise.

  • Customizable

    Customize which features are available on a project by project basis. We can develop custom features that integrate with the Platform permission and job data model (for Private Cloud and On-Premise deployment only).

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