Luminati is now Bright Data.

Websites rely on IP addresses to track visitors. The website uses the IP to customize content accordingly or redirect users to their local site. They can also restrict access from a particular location, or bock repeating request coming from the same IP. Bright data (formely Luminati) offers a customizable and integrated solution ranging from data center IP to residential and mobile networks from any city in the world.

Bright Data proxy network is a central component of RefinePro’s web data extraction project to ensure we access the right content without being blocked. RefinePro can help you configure Bright Data Proxy Manager or define a cost-effective IP rotation strategy.

Visit Bright Data website.

Bright Data Key Features

  • Access Mobile user, 40M Residential IPs and 340K datacenter IPs in 93 countries
  • Manage a pool of IP at the country or city level
  • Automatically rotate and blacklist unwanted IPs
  • Set Limit Request and Auto Retry
  • Manage unlimited concurrent connections

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