OpenRefine is a free, open-source tool for working with messy data. OpenRefine intuitive interface for data discovery and preparation empowers those who understand the context in which the data are generated. The project started as Freebase Gridworks (released in 2010) and Google Refine until 2012. RefinePro is working with the OpenRefine community since 2011 when we started to publish tutorials.

At RefinePro, we use OpenRefine to profile data and prototype complex data projects. RefinePro also uses OpenRefine for nonrepeatable data cleaning projects, including one-time migration.

RefinePro helped several customers embed OpenRefine in their workflow with custom integrations, batch scheduling, and extensions development. We provided hosted or on-premise deployments enabling collaboration features and automation.

Visit OpenRefine website.

OpenRefine Key Features

  • XLS, CSV, JSON, XML input and output
  • Point & click clustering and duplicate detection
  • Advanced filtering
  • Join, merge and reconcile multiple datasets
  • Split to rows and columns
  • Undo / Redo and access your operations history
  • Advanced transpose
  • Custom query language with GREL and python support
  • Enrich data via APIs

OpenRefine and RefinePro's Platform

RefinePro Platform is a unified administration center to schedule, configure, and monitor OpenRefine's projects. Teams managing tens to hundreds of projects use RefinePro Platform to:

  • Remotely run, save, share, and schedule OpenRefine's projects from a self-service interface
  • Formalize development best practices and automate deployment across teams and projects
  • Scale execution server to process datasets of any size
  • Improve security by limiting access to environments, servers, and scripts

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