Talend Open Studio is the industry leader in open integration solutions and democratizes application integration by providing open-source solutions to address any integration challenge - from simple departmental projects to complex, heterogeneous IT environments. Talend’s open source products and open architecture create unmatched flexibility so to solve integration challenges.

RefinePro selects Talend Open Studio for large scale ETL operations. We developed custom components and routines to ease project development. We can ramp junior developers within weeks and ensure a cost-effective project.

Talend and RefinePro's Platform

RefinePro Platform is a unified administration center to schedule, configure, and monitor Talend's jobs. It provides features similar to Talend Administration Center at a fraction of its costs. Teams managing tens to hundreds of jobs use RefinePro Platform to:

  • Remotely run, save, share, and schedule Talend's jobs from a self-service interface
  • Formalize development best practices and automate deployment across teams and projects
  • Scale execution server to process datasets of any size
  • Improve security by limiting access to environments, servers, and scripts

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