Visual Web Ripper

Visual Web Ripper is a point and click web scraping software developed by Sequentum. Sequentum stopped maintaining the software in 2018 and replaced it with Content Grabber. The software was officially deprecated on December 2020.

Visual Web Ripper is deployed on-premise on Windows servers. It allows us to have complete control over the infrastructure, limit dependencies to third-party vendors, and meet data privacy and security requirements. RefinePro developed hundred of agents using Visual Web Ripper. We can help organizations to:

  • Migrate existing Visual Web Ripper projects to another web scraping solution
  • Schedule and monitor existing Visual Web Ripper agent in a hosted environment

Visit Visual Web Ripper website.

Visual Web Ripper Key Features

  • Collect data from websites (AJAX, JavaScript, pop-ups) using regex and XPath selection.
  • Develop custom scripts in C# and VB.Net.
  • Bypass Captcha
  • Trigger and configure agent with input parameters from the command line
  • On-premise deployment using a Windows server.

Visual Web Ripper and RefinePro's Platform

RefinePro Platform is a unified administration center to schedule, configure, and monitor Visual Web Ripper's agents. Teams managing tens to hundreds of agents use RefinePro Platform to:

  • Remotely run, save, share, and schedule Visual Web Ripper's agents from a self-service interface
  • Formalize development best practices and automate deployment across teams and projects
  • Scale execution server to process datasets of any size
  • Improve security by limiting access to environments, servers, and scripts

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