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Opening RefinePro Knowledge Base

Martin Magdinier  |  17 November 2014

RefinePro logoIt all started in June 2011 when we opened OpenRefine Tips and Recipes blog. Over the last three years we documented Google Refine and then OpenRefine functionality with concrete examples and screenshots and listed the best materials written by others. It started as a personal notebook and grew into a knowledge base of over 110 articles coverings more than 80 topics.

It has been the place for us both to learn Refine and learn how to share knowledge. We always wanted to keep the articles short and focus on a particular function or challenge so anyone could quickly relate to it and build their own recipe for their project. Today while building RefinePro Beta, we touched the limits of the technical blog format sorted by tags and feel we needed a more structure system.

We are happy to announce the opening of our Knowledge Base and a Youtube playlist of seven short screencasts.

From now we will be migrating content from this blog to the knowledge base. We will move articles one by one and take this as an opportunity to

  • update its content and blend it with other articles,
  • use one of the example project available in RefinePro Beta, and
  • augment it with short video walk-through.

Because of the manual effort involved in this process we plan to spread this over several weeks. Keep an eye on our twitter and youtube account to know when we release the next article.



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