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  • Sunset for RefinePro’s Public OpenRefine Hosting

    Martin Magdinier  |  24 May 2017

    RefinePro logoStarting today, we are sunsetting RefinePro’s OpenRefine hosting. We are not accepting new registration and new subscriptions. Existing users can continue to access the service until the end of their subscription or trial phase.

  • RefinePro Roadmap

    Martin Magdinier  |  29 November 2014

    RefinePro logo The last five weeks have been full of learning and surprises (good and bad). We have a better understanding on how Refine is used and how it behaves with different browsers and data set sizes. Some things worked as expected, other completely broke. This post highlights the coming technical points we plan to address to improve RefinePro.

  • Opening RefinePro Knowledge Base

    Martin Magdinier  |  17 November 2014

    RefinePro logoIt all started in June 2011 when we opened OpenRefine Tips and Recipes blog. Over the last three years we documented Google Refine and then OpenRefine functionality with concrete examples and screenshots and listed the best materials written by others. It started as a personal notebook and grew into a knowledge base of over 110 articles coverings more than 80 topics.

  • First Partnership with DST4L

    Martin Magdinier  |  04 November 2014

    DST4L badgeWe are extremely happy to announce that RefinePro has signed a partnership with the Data Scientist Training for Librarians (DST4L) allowing all librarians who take the course to have access to the RefinePro platform for the next eight months (until June 2015). Through their RefinePro accounts, they will have access to their projects from multiple computers and be able to work on the latest version of OpenRefine.

  • A Vision for OpenRefine

    Martin Magdinier  |  06 October 2014

    OpenRefine logo Over the last five years, OpenRefine has built a robust platform, to which many developers have contributed plugins and extensions useful for their own audiences. That list of plugins and reconciliation services grows month after month, demonstrating that the community is active and thriving, with a healthy and expanding user base.

  • Announcing RefinePro

    Martin Magdinier  |  15 September 2014

    RefinePro logo Less than two weeks ago we announced the start up of RefinePro as a new participant of the OpenRefine ecosystem. This post provides background on where we come from and how we see the position of RefinePro within OpenRefine community.




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