ParseHub is a point and click web scraping software. All projects run on ParseHub’s managed infrastructure. While it creates a dependency on a service provider, it avoids the initial set up investment to provision environments. Their plan includes the maintenance of web scraping servers and proxy networks, preventing unexpected costs as you scale.

RefinePro developed tens of projects using ParseHub. RefinePro is a ParseHub partner. We can help organizations to:

  • Develop and maintain existing ParseHub projects
  • Clean and normalized data from ParseHub projects

Visit ParseHub website.

ParseHub Key Features

  • Develop scraper from Mac, Windows and Linux machine
  • Execute projects from ParseHub cloud environment
  • Embedded IP rotation
  • Export data to JSON and Excel
  • Bypass Captcha
  • Collect data from complex website (AJAX, JavaScript, pop-ups) using CSS, XPath
  • Develop custom data parsing expression in regex and Java.
  • Trigger and configure agent with input parameters via ParseHub API.

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