Websites rely on Captcha to prevent automated web scraping. Captchas puzzle are simple for human but hard for a machine to resolve. More advanced version like reCAPTCHA version 3 runs in the background and determines if you are a bot based on your interaction.

RefinePro can automate your data collection or form submission tasks, even if the website uses Captcha. RefinePro relies on 2Captcha API to integrate captcha resolution in your workflow. 2Captcha offers a high success rate by relying only on humans to resolve Captcha.

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2Captcha Key Features

  • Support Captcha in multiple languages
  • Recognition of Invisible Captcha, ReCaptcha V2, and V3 and others.
  • API to integrate with web scraping software including Content Grabber, Visual Web Ripper, and ParseHub
  • SKD to integrate with PHP, .NET, PERL, C# and Java
  • Integrate with proxy solutions like Luminati

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