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  • 10 questions to ask before using new data

    Martin Magdinier  |  25 May 2020

    Data extraction projects are complex and often require quite a lot of time and effort. To make sure your organization is creating value and that your money and your time are well spent, the first logical step is to choose your sources carefully. To help you achieve just that, we create a list of 10 questions you need to ask before you set your sights on a dataset. The goal here is to collect and analyze all the data existing information in order to clarify its ownership, publication, structure, content, quality, relationship, etc. Only by going through this process can you guarantee the suitability of your sources and identify potential problems and particularities.

  • How to divide and conquer your data project for success

    Martin Magdinier  |  17 May 2020

    Data extraction is now one of the most efficient ways for companies to stay up to date with current events and trends, but also to position themselves in their field. But for a lot of small entrepreneurs and even larger companies, the implementation of data extraction projects presents new challenges: How should these processes be implemented, and by whom?

  • The Who, the What, and the “With What” of Web Scraping

    Martin Magdinier  |  12 March 2020

    Data is the new differentiator. It’s what you, a product owner, a marketing strategist, your local journalist, and a multimillionaire who already owns twelve successful companies all need. And web scraping is one way to get that data.

  • You’re looking for a Web Scraping tool? Look for a Service Instead.

    Martin Magdinier  |  01 March 2020

    Is web scraping easy? No. Is it Profitable? It can with a great scheduling, monitoring, and maintenance plan. Learn how!

    Your Python skills are not too bad, and it’s not your first time dealing with tech. In fact, technology is part of your daily life. You see the world goes around, and you’ve heard how web scraping could help automate your business. So, you start looking for the best scrapers and web scraping tools, hoping maybe to boost your e-commerce sales.




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